Canadian Sport Instute

Admission Requirements

1. NCCP Qualifications:
a. Competition-Development Certified (or sport equivalent)
b. Including the portfolio of evidence used in evaluation
c. *exceptions may be available for coaches in sports where comp-dev certification is unavailable. Candidates will need to submit a generic portfolio. For more details, contact program director.

2. Suitable Experience:
a. More than Three (3) years suitable coaching experience in appropriate coaching context, and/or
b. International Coaching experience, and/or
c. Satisfy the ACD Director that, based on the applicant’s post-secondary study and sport experience, suitable prior learning has been achieved.

3. National Sport Organization letter of endorsement (in collaboration with Provincial Sport Organization as appropriate)

4. Candidate’s professional coaching resume with a written statement indicating the applicant’s reasons for pursuing the Advanced Coaching Diploma

5. Candidates are coaching in a suitable competitive coaching context

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