Turkeys Take Over

Turkeys are popping up everywhere at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary! Fortunately, it is all for a worthy cause.

The CSI Calgary is delighted to be taking part in the Calgary Food Bank’s #YYCTurkeyChallenge, tweeting a picture of an athlete dressed as a turkey every week prior to Christmas. With each tweet, CSI Calgary is challenging both the athlete’s National Sport Organization and a CSI Calgary partner to donate to the Food Bank. Internally, the CSI Calgary is also challenging its own employees to donate with a goal of raising $2,000.

The Calgary Food Bank is a non-profit organization dedicated to gathering and distributing quality emergency food to those in need and relies solely on the support of the community. In the past year, 141,271 people came to the Food Bank for assistance. #YYCTurkeyChallenge will have a significant impact on these efforts as the Food Bank is able to distribute five dollars worth of food for every dollar that is donated.

The challenge has already started, with four-time Olympic medallist Denny Morrison successfully challenging Speed Skating Canada and THE Downtown Sports Clinics on November 24. On December 1, three-time Olympian Manuel Osborne-Paradis challenged Alpine Canada and Alberta Sport Connection.

The unique #YYCTurkeyChallenge began in 2014, when Scott Schroeder from EFW Radiology came up with the concept and engaged Dr. Jan-Willem Henning in the project. Henning wore the turkey suit on his rounds through the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, while Dave Kelly of Kelly Brothers Productions and Jim Button from Village Brewery staged a frozen turkey rescue. Their efforts raised almost $30,000 in donations towards the purchase of food at a critical time for the Calgary Food Bank.

Keoma Duce, Development Coordinator for Organizational Giving at the Food Bank, is enthusiastic about the CSI Calgary’s participation. She says, “So far CSI Calgary is the first organization to grab on to the Turkey Challenge in 2015. We are excited about the prospect of raising awareness and donations, but we are also looking forward to raising the profile of the CSI Calgary and the athletes. It is important to us that the athletes receive recognition for their efforts. We hope that other organizations see what CSI Calgary is doing and join in the fun. Who doesn’t like to see a grown up in a turkey suit?”

Keep your eyes peeled because you never know where a turkey will pop up next! To donate to the Calgary Food Bank, visit the CSI Calgary Food Bank Page.

Denny Morrison Video

Manuel Osborne-Paradis Video


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Written by Brittany Schussler: @BSchussler
Photo by Dave Holland: @csicalgaryphoto

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