Curl with a Rock Jock!


There is a lot to be learned about life from the sport of curling: how to work for what you want (hurry hard), how to clean up after yourself (sweep), how to make the cut (cross the hog line), how to have a good time (bonspiel), and how to stay in the game (throw a biter).

In particular, good sportsmanship, also known as the “Spirit of Curling”, is paramount to the sport and exemplifies many attributes and qualities to which we should aspire in life.

For example, teams congratulate each other for making a good shot or strong sweeping; in contrast to other sports, teams never cheer mistakes or misses by their opponents and it is completely unacceptable to try and throw opposing players off their game by heckling or distraction; and celebration of one’s own good shots is kept very modest with such gestures as a small head nod or fist bump.

What an incredible opportunity then, to rub shoulders with some of the best curlers in the world at the upcoming Curl with a Rock Jock fundraising event hosted by the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Calgary. Not only will you help raise funds in support of services related to injury prevention, medical treatment, mental health and training requirement, you will become a better person too!

The event features Canadian legends of the sport such as two-time World Champion Kevin Koe, 2010 Olympic Silver Medallist Cheryl Bernard and 2010 Olympic Champion John Morris and will take place at the Glencoe Curling Club on September 26 from 2:00-8:00pm. The bonspiel will be followed by a gourmet four-course dinner and keynote speech from 2016 Olympic Champion Erica Wiebe.
In addition to raising funds that will support CSI Calgary athletes, CSI Calgary has partnered with the Benson Concussion Institute (BCI) to raise funds and awareness for concussion research. The BCI sport concussion program uses new, innovative techniques and technology to assess and treat sport and recreation participants suffering from concussions.

Hurrying hard to back Curl with a Rock Jock are presenting sponsor, aclaro softworks, gold sponsor EFW Radiology and silver sponsors THE Downtown Sports Clinics, Altalink, WinSport, and the Hearing Loss Clinic. Their invaluable support will help to improve the services offered by the CSI Calgary to hundreds of Calgary-based athletes.
If you love curling, want to support the CSI Calgary or are simply seeking self improvement through the Spirit of Curling, join champion curlers and some of Canada’s best Olympians and Paralympians at the bonspiel of the season and help the CSI Calgary hit the button for 2018!

For more information and to sign up please click here.


Canadian Sport Institute Calgary: @csicalgary
Written by Kristina Groves: @kngrover
Photo by: Dave Holland @csicalgaryphoto

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