Advanced Coaching Diploma Graduate - Alexx Diep

Alexx Diep was enjoying his time as a lifeguard when he was approached by his colleague about making the switch from guarding poolside to coaching poolside as a local collegiate team needed a coach. Although Alexx says in high school he never saw himself becoming a coach, his background in swimming made him an excellent candidate to transition into a coach and 22 years later, it has evolved into a great career.

The impact coaches can have on any level of swimmer is one of Alexx’s favorite parts about being a coach. He also enjoys the cultural aspect of sport and how it allows him to travel the world and experience different social circles. “I love the social and cultural aspect of coaching and all the traveling that comes with it. I’m fortunate to be able to bring my family along with me on numerous training camps and competitions so it turns into a family affair.”

After enrolling in the Advanced Coaching Diploma, Alexx knew he was in the right place as he was surrounded by many like-minded coaches. “There were many times at the beginning of the programs that I realized a lot of my peers had the same mindset as me and thought the same way in terms of progressing as a coach and how much they care for their athletes.”

This program was a great reminder for him that his techniques as a coach were valued, but just needed some fine tuning. He was able take the content that was taught over the two-year program and tweak it to apply it in a new way to his own coaching style. He says it was a reminder that I have been doing the right thing throughout my years of coaching, I just needed more structure and depth of knowledge.

Alexx also credits the structure of the program and how it is perfectly suited for those who must balance a full-time job, a family and life outside of sport. “This program is designed to engage coaches who have families and full-time coaching positions to be able to still learn and not fall behind on school or life. The way it’s set up is perfect.”

The program was carefully crafted for instructors and experts to moderate the classes and tune into each individual coach’s needs and their availability to tend to the needs or questions of the coaches was incredible. “The mantra of expert lead and coach driven are lived through the program and it’s exactly what I needed.”

Alexx cherished the program so much that he now feels a void in his life as he graduated from the Advanced Coaching Diploma. His goals are to pursue grad school and continue learning about teaching. He specifically wants to target Generation Alpha and learn how they learn best so he can incorporate that into coaching the younger generation and continue making an impact on his athletes of all ages. 

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