Cara Button  BA

Senior Director, Stakeholder Relations

Cara holds a Bachelor of Administration in recreation and leisure from Concordia University. Early on in her career, Cara developed expertise in wellness and mental health working as a therapist at a drug and alcohol treatment centre for adolescents in Michigan. From there she went on to work as a facilitator and educator at the local Burn Centre. 

Cara’s love for Olympic and Paralympic sports was sparked during an internship in Montreal with the Canadian Olympic Committee during the 1988 Olympic Games. In 2006 she seized on an opportunity to combine passion and expertise and joined the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary as the Manager of Athlete Services. In her current role as Director of Stakeholder Relations, she specializes in providing career, education, transition and mental health support to athletes and coaches.

Cara genuinely loves helping athletes work through life challenges of competing in high performance sport. For her, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing an athlete succeed in their sport and then see them succeed as they transition out of their sport.


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