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Experts deliver content and facilitate learning in the four themes of Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness in the program. Expert content is grounded in current research and best practice in the fields of sport leadership, physiology, motor learning, sport psychology, talent identification, physiotherapy, recovery and regeneration, group dynamics and more. One of the key experts in our structured learning community is Dr. Cari Din, Olympic Medal-Winning Leadership scholar who teaches our Leadership theme, the motor learning components of our Coaching Effectiveness theme and acts as Cohort Mentor across all themes.

As Cohort Mentor, Din connects coaches with mentors and experts to integrate adult learning best practice across the ACD community. Din, who is also an Olympic Silver Medalist, says the 2016-17 iteration of the ACD program is relevant and engaging for a diverse mix of coaches because the ACD leadership team have translated the most current research on competency based adult learning principles into a dynamic environment where coaches drive, mentors support and experts lead.

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