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Products & Supplements

Thanks to our valuable product support suppliers Pfizer and Natural Factors, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary registered athletes have access to the following products at no charge:
  • Centrum multi vitamins
  • Caltrate calcium supplement
  • ChapStick
  • Advil
  • Robax
  • Melatonin

To access product support please visit the Athlete Lounge (WinSport) or Athlete Resource Centre (U of C), or for more information contact the Athlete Services Coordinator at 403.202.6809 or

Third Party Tested Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplementation is a concern with high performance athletes because of the potential risk of undeclared ingredients in a supplement that may lead to a positive doping outcome. Therefore, the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary has had some dietary supplements tested in a lab that uses current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) standards to ensure the lowest risk of supplement contamination. However, since not every container of supplement was tested in this WADA accredited lab, there is still a small risk of potential supplement contamination. If a Canadian Sport Institute Calgary athlete chooses to purchase tested supplement(s) please follow these steps:

Anti-Doping Supplements Available for Purchase to Canadian Sport Institute Calgary & Oval Athletes

  • The tested supplements are sold at Vitamins First, 2136 – 33 Avenue S.W., 403-242-1777 AND at Varsity Pharmacy in MacEwan Hall at the University of Calgary, 403-282-0100
  • The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary athlete presents their “Sport Pass” or “Multi-Facility Access Card”- Olympic Oval athletes present their Oval ID Cards.
  • The supplement retailer will retrieve the tested supplements which display the following stickers

"HFL Tested - Quality Assured for athletes"

These tested supplements are held exclusively for Canadian Sport Institute Calgary & Oval athletes and are not available for the general public to purchase. The tested supplements may not be visibly on display and need to be requested.

The following products have been tested:

  • eLoad Heat Endurance Sports Drink (random batch test; no stickers on product)
  • Precision B-Alanine
  • Precision All Natural Whey Protein – Vanilla
  • Precision Creatine
  • Precision Glutamine
  • Precision Mettle BCAA
  • Ultragen RS Recovery, Cappuccino or Tropical Punch – First Endurance (only sold at Varsity Pharmacy)

Elevate Me! Bars

The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary has partnered with Elevate Me!

Elevate Me! was created as a nutritional food to cater to athletes by blending pure whey protein isolate with whole fruit. The bars are made of unsulphured whole dried fruits, gluten and wheat free, packaged in three pieces, not baked or coated, 24% protein, non GMO ingredients, low-fat and high fiber, no added preservatives, artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colours and are soy-free. For detailed nutritional information please click here.

The partnership with Elevate Me! will provide registered Canadian Sport Institute Calgary athletes 20% off their bars and free shipping within Canada. In order to access this discount, please contact the Athlete Services Coordinator via email at or by phone at 403-202-6809, for the passcode. Please note that all orders will be monitored and cross referenced with Canadian Sport Institute Calgary athlete lists.

Once you have your passcode you can order your Elevate Me! bars here.

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