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Sport Performance Testing Frequently Asked Questions

• What do I need to bring?
Signed forms, water bottle, shorts, T-shirt, shoes, pedals, change of clothes and a towel if you wish to shower and snack for after the test.

• Do I need to bring my own HR monitor?
Not necessary as we will provide a HR monitor for the test.

• Do I need to have my own cycling shoes and pedals?
If you don’t own cycling shoes or pedals, please bring your running shoes as you can use our standard cage pedals where your feet will be strapped in for support.

• Why would I do a lactate incremental test?
This test establishes your lactate profile as exercise intensity increases. The incremental test is submaximal in nature and measures lactate and heart rate to determine your response to increases in exercise intensity. The results from this test will help you establish your training zones, determine your lactate thresholds and track training progression.

• What is a lactate sample and why do you take it?
Lactate samples are collected from capillary blood generally at the fingertip by a small prick by a device called a lancet. This produces a drop of blood which then analyzed by a lactate meter.

• Why would I do a VO2 max test?
This test is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ assessment for cardiorespiratory and endurance capacity as it reflects the efficiency of integrated physiological systems. During this test your expired gases are collected and analyzed as exercise intensity increases to volitional fatigue. This test provides the data required to establish training zones and a maximal oxygen uptake value that is a great indicator of fitness.

• Should I test on a bike or a treadmill?
Choose the mode of exercise (cycling or running) that you feel the most comfortable with. If you are not a cyclist or do not do much training on the bike, it is likely best for you to do a treadmill running test. If you have any knee or lower body injuries, cycling is lower impact and that may be a reason to choose cycling.

• Why measure your body composition?
The goal body composition testing is to document any changes in the physical status occurring as a result of sport training, nutrition, health status, general growth, and maturation. The benefit of this assessment comes from comparisons of results from tests made on a repeated basis over a long period of time and in relating this information to the results of physiological testing and individual performance.

• How long does each test take?
Incremental: approx. 1 hour
Incremental + MAP: approx. 1.5 hour
VO2 Max: approx. 1.5 hour
Body Composition: approx. 30-40min

• What is the minimum age for testing?
o 14 +
o Adult must be present for <18yrs for all testing.

• How can I pay?
You can pay credit /debit card on site.

• Cancellation
48 hours, please call 403 609 4729 or email

• When should I expect my results?
Within a week from your testing date.

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