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Strength and Conditioning Internship

JOB POSTING: Strength and Conditioning Internship

START DATE: May 1- August 24th, 2018 




The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary’s (CSI Calgary) mission is to provide a world-leading, multisport, daily training environment for podium athletes and coaches, through expert leadership, services and programs. Within its broader mandate, the CSI Calgary provides a variety of programs and services, including physiological testing, monitoring and program design.


The Internship is a 16-week intensive experience that will allow you to gain valuable skills and knowledge to lay a foundation for a future career as a strength and conditioning coach.The Internship runs from May 1- August 24th, 2018. You will learn the applied science of strength and power training and how to integrate many different skillsets like programming and movement assessments into a cohesive training philosophy. Throughout your Internship, you will be assigned to a National Team whom will be starting a new quadrennial post 2018 Olympic Games. You will also get the chance to spend extended time with each strength coach to learn how/why/what happens within that sport.


The Internship is for you, if you are:

  • An aspiring strength and conditioning coach in High Performance Sport
  • Highly motivated and self-driven with the ambition and work ethic to become a world-class strength coach
  • An undergraduate or soon to be undergraduate from a Kinesiology or Sport Science related
  • Interested in sport and have passion for the weight room
  • Open minded and willing to learn from the best

The S&C Intern will become a vital member of the CSI Calgary S&C team and will participate in all in-house professional development opportunities. Additionally, the intern will help the S&C team run a world class training facility and develop skills in facility maintenance, strength and power field tests and more advanced strength and power laboratory assessments. It is the opportunity to launch your career with an outstanding work experience.


  • Learning Capability
  • Communication
  • Achievement Oriented
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Results Orientation
  • Passion for coaching
  • Passion for the strength game


  • Attends all CSI Calgary professional development sessions
  • Attends training sessions and assists with session delivery as directed by the Head S&C Coach
  • Assists with facility maintenance
  • Set up for training and testing sessions
  • Data analysis and logging of athlete monitoring data
  • Learns basics of program delivery from warm up to cool down
  • Learns basics of program design for development athletes
  • Runs warm ups for high performance athletes as directed by Head S&C Coach
  • Ensure proper weight room conduct
  • Assist in data collection using strength & power testing equipment


  • Final year or recent graduate in an undergraduate University Degree in Kinesiology or related field
  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Knowledge of weight room equipment
  • Coaching experience
  • Past experience as an athlete an asset
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a high degree of independence and initiative.
  • Exceptional team building skills and the ability to be flexible and adjust to changing priorities.



APPLY HERE - This Internship is limited to a maximum of 4 individuals per year. Be creative and tell us why you believe you are a good fit for the Internship, and potentially our organization.

CLOSING DATE: March 30th, 2018


We are one of the only high performance strength and conditioning Institutes that is delivering to world-class Olympic athletes and studying the adaptations of these athletes to our training programs using a scientific approach. This Internship is designed to teach strength and conditioning skills, translate knowledge from expert strength and conditioning coaches and to provide real-world experience to the intern. Not only is our group focused on the art of strength and conditioning including skills like programming for speed/power athletes, endurance athletes, and in late stages of rehabilitation to get athletes back to the podium, but also, we are keenly focused on generating new knowledge and understanding through applied strength and power research. This separates us from many strength and conditioning coaches and centers around the Globe.

We quantify impact. We seek to identify what matters for athlete performance, assess what matters and show we change what matters through innovative strength and power programming. Because of our unique background and perspective, you will learn what actually works for improving performance and how to integrate many of today’s commonly used skillsets into a training program.

You will also have an opportunity to work alongside other sport science and sport medicine professionals including biomechanists, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists, osteopaths and mental performance specialists.  

Internship Preparation & Strength and Power Performance Course You will attend a 6-day course (free tuition) to learn the science and practice of strength and power training for elite athletes.
Rotation #1 You will be assigned a senior strength and conditioning coach as a mentor. You will shadow your mentor, assist with the delivery of strength and conditioning programs, and attend all CSI Calgary in-house professional development opportunities.
Two-Day In House Professional Development You will be given a program design assignment, which will culminate with an opportunity to present your concepts and ideas to the CSI Calgary S&C Head Strength Coaches for feedback and mentorship.
Rotation #2 You will be assigned a different senior strength and conditioning coach as a mentor. You will shadow your mentor, assist with the delivery of strength and conditioning programs, and continue to attend all CSI Calgary in-house professional development opportunities.
Applied S&C Monitoring and Assessment Project Along with help from your S&C Mentor, you will have an opportunity to complete a small project designed to develop skills in the science of strength and power assessment and/or monitoring.
Internship Debrief and Final Performance Evaluation In order to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a S&C Coach you will present the findings of your applied project, alongside how the Internship has helped to shape your emerging training philosophy. You will then defend your project and training philosophy in an oral question/answer period. The top Intern (decided by the Head S&C Coaches) will receive the classification of ‘Distinction’ on his/her Certificate of Completion.


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