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The ACD is proud to be an innovative 21st century adult learning space where technology, facilitation, blended learning and cutting edge research intersect. The program is designed to create authentic, individualized and relevant coach learning experiences. ACD coaches, content experts, multi-sport mentors, and the CSI Coaching Leadership team are all members of a structured learning community where they are challenged to critically reflect on knowledge and translate it to their specific sport context.

The program accommodates the travel and day-to-day demands of full-time coaches. Classes typically meet one morning a week for three-hours between the end of April and the first week in December. Coaches can attend in person, at a distance or asynchronously. On average, ACD coaches will spend between six and 10 hours per week engaging with program content – we encourage and support coaches to apply class content in their specific sport context and return to our learning community with questions, discoveries and insights.

The Director of Coaching at the CSI Calgary, Jason Sjostrom says, “We are intentionally creating a dynamic yet structured learning culture that promotes curiosity, connection and deep understanding, I am extremely proud of the learning environment that we are co-creating through the Hub delivery of the ACD program – these coaches are positively impacting the sport system.”

An example of a coach who is convinced the link between his success on the world stage and learning in the ACD are inextricably linked is Mike Stastook. Mike’s Canadian snowboard slopestyle athletes recently won a number of medals at the Junior World Championships.

Stastook says that all of the success he is having with his team at the WinSport Academy comes from the hard work he has put in to becoming a better coach. He believes that it is the Advanced Coaching Diploma that gave him the opportunity to chart a new path, “The best thing they [the ACD] did for me is they made me the best I could be. The program made me push myself to be probably even better than I should have ever been. 100% it’s only because of this program.”

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