Annie Goncin MHSc

Manager, Athlete Services and Digital Media

Annie completed her Bachelor of Health Science at Ontario Tech University. She also obtained a Master of Health Science Degree from Ontario Tech University where she focused her research on general cognitive training impacts on sport performance in Canadian national wheelchair basketball players.

After working as a volunteer at the Toronto2015 Pan American Games, Annie has worked in a variety of roles in sport management. Prior to joining CSI Calgary in 2021, Annie has worked at the CSIO, and other NSOs and PSOs in varying capacities, focusing on athlete experience by means of event planning and logistics, communications and marketing, pathways development, Safe Sport work, and diversity & inclusion initiatives. Annie thrives on collaborative team-work, and loves being a part of the ‘team-behind-the-Team’!

When Annie isn’t working, you will probably (definitely) find her hiking or skiing in the mountains with her husband Nik, and their pup Toby! If not in nature, Annie enjoys their Netflix subscription, and trying out her skills in the kitchen with new plant-based recipes. The one lesson Annie takes with her throughout life is that, “pressure is a privilege”, and always go towards pressure – don’t avoid it. While it may be uncomfortable in an organization, feeling pressure is because you deserve to be there, you’ve done the work to get where you are, and you need to push forward to make yourself better.

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