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How does my National Sport Organization (NSO) and CSI Calgary work together?

Your NSO provides a high performance sport plan that includes services in Sport Science and Sport Medicine for your sport. They work with the CSI Calgary on what services are required and formalize an agreement (training group agreement) to deliver those services to the identified athletes.   

What is a National Sport Organization (NSO)?

An NSO provides overall sport management including nominations for Sport Canada funding (AAP).  The NSO governs all aspects of a sport, selects and operates national team, operates national competitions and Canadian international events.

Are all training group agreements the same?

No. It depends on NSO’s plan for services with CSI Calgary. 

What if my NSO doesn’t have a Training Group Agreement with CSI Calgary?

Provided you register with CSI Calgary, all Sport Canada carded athletesd have access to the facility during open hours. You may also purchase any of the services we offer through our performance services departmentGame Plan is available to all AAP athletes.

What is the difference between CSI Calgary and WinSport?

A simple answer is that WinSport operates sport facilities and the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary provides programs/services for the Canadian sport system. CSI Calgary are tenants of WinSport. CSI Calgary develops and hires experts in their disciplines to deliver services to NSOs and/or athletes. 

What is Game Plan?

It is a National Program with a focus on career, education, networking, health and skill building to prepare athletes for their life within and beyond sport.

Who is eligible for Game Plan?

All athletes who are Sport Canada carded are eligible for Game Plan. Once an athlete is no longer carded or retires from sport, they have access to Game Plan for another 2 years.

What is the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)

The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) with Sport Canada is designed to offset some of the financial pressure for athletes competing and training at the International level. It is a monthly honorarium (carding) that is tax free and includes tuition support.  

How do I become Sport Canada Carded by the Athlete Assistance Program?

 The NSO nominates athletes for carding and Sport Canada approves the nomination based on established criteria that athletes need to meet in order to be eligible.  Link to AAP eligibility

How do I access my tuition voucher though the Athlete Assistance Program?

Contact AAP to get program/course approval and voucher form: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is the Morneau Shepell Hotline Number


Morneau Shepell provides athletes with personal counseling support in a confidential manner.  The topics include mental health and wellbeing, career support, relationship issues, family dynamics, financial problems, and legal consultation.  Services are offered 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


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