Gary Davies BA

President and CEO

Gary Davies is an accomplished corporate and community builder that brings a wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences in the events, media, marketing, and tourism sectors. Along with his extensive background building and leading organizations, he brings a creative approach and focus on achieving superior results to the sport community through his lifelong passion for sport.

Gary spent the last 20 years helping build a variety of companies, most notably RedPoint Media Group Inc., which became Alberta’s largest independent magazine publisher. There, he was responsible for the publishing company’s 13 brands, including Avenue magazine, Wine Access magazine, and up! magazine (the inflight publication for WestJet, now known as WestJet magazine). For the last seven years, he consulted and then became President of e=mc2 event management inc., one of Canada’s largest event management companies.

A born and raised Calgarian, Gary has most certainly elevated the profile of his hometown with his work as a founder of the Best of Calgary brand which celebrates the amazing local businesses that call Calgary home. He provided financial and advisory services to the12-year-old Calgary-based video production and live event company, Kelly Brothers Productions Inc. while creating and driving sponsorship and ticket sales for its flagship brand, Dave Kelly Live.

When Gary is not working, he is a highly active volunteer, most recently serving on the board of the Calgary International Film Festival and the Calgary Marketing Association, among several other prestigious director roles. He previously served as President for both the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association and the British Columbia Association of Magazine Publishers, and on the board of the Western Magazine Awards Foundation

Gary and his wife Allison stay active with their 3 kids, Will, Cam and Georgia. Gary has passed down his love and 45-year playing knowledge of the game of hockey down to his sons, Will and Cam who both now play for the Calgary Royals. A talented golfer, Gary holds a six handicap at Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club where he’s been an on-and-off member for 35 years.

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